Realistic Appearance
The natural bark look and texture molded-in to the TruStump gravity-fed feeder allow it to blend in with any environment, whether in the woods or your backyard. It is non-threatening to deer, even the older, wiser bucks who always show up on cameras in the middle of the night, but refuse to visit a mechanical feeder during daylight hours. Also, it won't attract unwanted attention from passers-by.

Easy Setup and Operation

With minimal assembly required, you can be up and running almost right out of the box. It's wide-mouth opening is just under waist high so it's easily a stand-and-fill feeder. No cumbersome tripod legs to bolt together; no batteries to charge; no standing on a ladder or pickup tailgate to fill. Just set it up, stake it down, fill it up, and let gravity do the rest.

High Capacity

Standing almost 2-1/2 feet tall, TruStump has a capacity of 200 pounds of corn/protein pellets.

Lightweight yet Durable

Molded from a custom mixture of polyethylene (like kayaks), TruStump can take a beating and provide many years of reliable service, and it still weighs less than 15 pounds!

Critter-Proof Lid

Originally, TruStump had a snap-fit lid, then it changed to a twist-lock. After more prototype testing, we decided that a positive double latch system was the only way to keep out the smart critters.


Each of the 4 feed openings are protected by our steel Critter Guards, leaving no exposed plastic edges for rodents to chew on.

Adjustable Flow Baffle

Stacked outside of each critter guard plate is an adjustable baffle plate, so you can dial-in your optimal flow rate for your feed or supplement, or block off the flow for easy relocation.

Multiple Anchor Points

TruStump has 2 tie-down/stake locations at each foot, for a total of 8.


TruStump Feeders 3D rendering
TruStump Feeders 3D rendering


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TruStump Feeders 3D rendering