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TruStump Feeders - Duane Harding


TruStump Feeders - Prototype 3D Print

I'm Duane Harding, creator of the all new, Patent Pending TruStump. I grew up in the sticks of Oklahoma, hunting, fishing, trapping, and everything else a kid from the country can get himself into. My obsession for whitetails began at a very young age. I can't even remember not going with my dad to the family farm where Dad grew up to meet up with Papa and all my uncles for "deer camp". Us kids could never get enough of sitting around Granny and Papa's old wood stove every November and listening to the men tell the same old hunting stories year after year, and which stands everyone would be sitting in on opening morning, and how the "big one" had been seen crossing the northwest corner of the old Lewis place.

As confirmed by my grade school teachers, when I was bored in class, I would amass piles of paper filled with sketches of deer; big bucks, little bucks, deer head mounts, bucks jumping fences; every imaginable scenario I could dream up, or that I saw in one of the hundreds of my Dad's hunting magazines - I would sketch it. My Dad shot a 10 point one year with a unique palmated rack that he had shoulder mounted. If I sketched that deer once, I sketched it a thousand times.

Later, this evolved into schematics of deer stand designs and portable ladders that I could coerce someone into welding up for me. Even before I was old enough to rifle hunt on my own, I was concocting designs for hunting equipment, scrapping them together using my Dad's tools, and dragging them out to the woods to test. I had saved up and bought my first compound bow from a neighbor (and by neighbor, I mean his place was about 3 miles from ours). It was an old Bear Archery model, with a cast aluminum riser, wide aluminum limbs, and a frayed up string. It was like lugging around a tractor part off of Papa's old John Deere. But I loved it. I would pack that thing all over God's green earth, along with my steel and wooden "portable deer stands" in search of my prey.

Fast forward to college. All of this sketching and designing steered me into an Engineering degree. Not that  a person needs one in order to come up with a good deer feeder design. But, with my background and lifelong obsession for hunting deer, along with my family of fellow deer-crazy outdoorsmen, coupled with my Design and Engineering capabilities and drawing from my experience and industry contacts, together we have conceived and developed TruStump.

What began as a conversation with family on food plots, food supplements, an effective feeder that would blend into surroundings, would attract bucks at all times of the day, didn't require battery upkeep, and could be rugged enough that rodents couldn't destroy it in one season, evolved into the Patent Pending TruStump. We identified many flaws in early designs, made refinements and upgrades along the way, and I think we have ended up with a marketable product.

All of us at TruStump hope that our products can help you see more deer, create more shot opportunities, maintain the health of your deer herd, and make your hunting routine a little bit easier. Feel free to offer feedback via our Contact Us page or email us at